Afraid To Pressure Can? It’s Really Not That Scary!

Pressure Canned Green Beans From My Garden

Those of you who regularly use your pressure canners, may want to skip this post. This is aimed at folks who are wanting to get into pressure canning, but have some concerns about safety. I used to be afraid of two things, when it came to pressure canning. The first one, was my canner blowing up like the stories I’d been told, and the second was botulism poisoning! Honestly, I feel that both of these are perfectly understandable fears.

Bread Baking For Busy People

Fresh baked sourdough (That I should’ve pulled out of the oven a bit sooner).

Hi there folks! This is part two in my bread baking series. In my last post I wrote about getting a sourdough starter going, and in this post I’ll give a basic recipe you can customize, as well as give you my “bread baking schedule” to show how I can provide my family with homemade bread, and still have a life outside of my kitchen.

Making a Sourdough Starter (Without Store Bought Yeast)!

A couple sourdough loaves I baked in December

I love bread in most forms, but I think sourdough is my absolute favorite!  I especially enjoy a crusty “artisan” style loaf, with a piping hot bowl of soup, or just plain with butter, or the entire loaf while hissing and growling at anyone that tries to take it from me…oops, did I type that out loud?   Bread, to me, is one of the easiest ways to start being more self reliant, not to mention get in touch with our “inner pioneers”!   It’s fairly inexpensive to make it yourself, and is not only healthier and tastier than store bought (in my opinion), but makes a nice gift or addition to a pot luck.

Beeswax Luminaries, My New Love!

My finished luminaries, lit with tea lights

Oh how I love beeswax luminaries! The warm glow when a tea light (or LED “tea light”) is burning inside, the soft hint of honey fragrance from the warmed beeswax, and the satisfaction of learning a new craft, are all reasons I’ve enjoyed this project. While I wish I could say I came up with this all on my own, I actually found this idea by accident, while looking for beeswax candle making ideas.  It looked like it was right up my alley and I just had to try it!

Chickens: Adorable Instruments of Mayhem!

Our head rooster, “Rhode Island Fred”!

Once my husband and I found our little bit of paradise in the foothills, I started talking to him about chickens. I figured now that we owned a few acres, not only would we need to have a bigger garden, but we’d be wanting chickens.  That’s what you do when you move to the country, right?  You grow a big garden, and get chickens.  (Followed by goats, and maybe a milk cow and bees, and… you get the drift)