About Me

Hi! I’m Melaine Marsh, thanks for stopping by.

I’m a Christian wife, mom, and DIY enthusiast (though not always much of a DIY expert, truth be told), who left city life behind after marrying a sweet, and hardworking country guy! I love bread baking, gardening, canning, soap making, learning new skills, and listening to the ever-present rush of our creek. Why did I name my blog City Mouse in the Country? Lets just say that the old fable from Aesop, resonates with me. The whole “Better humble fare with peace, than fancy food with strife” moral of the fable, is exactly how I feel. City life is perfect for some, but I gladly waved goodbye at the honking cars, and fast pace, and welcomed the beauty and peacefulness of my new location. While I’m not the first “city slicker” to pack up and head to the country, my experiences are unique to me. Hopefully you all will find my adventures (and misadventures) entertaining, and maybe even educational at times! Join my family and I as we learn new skills, and hone some old ones, on our humble, two & a quarter acres in the beautiful Cascade foothills!